Muddy Lettuce

Today we harvested romaine lettuce which had grown well in the rain, sawing them off at the base with double-bladed Japanese knives. We took only the largest heads, our boxes filling up quickly. We took them to the picnic tables to be dried and cleaned of all the dead and bitten leaves, so only their pristine hearts were left intact, leaking a milky white fluid at their bases where they had been cut. All the imperfect leaves were for the chickens, who seemed hungry, clamoring at the walls of the coop when we walked by.

Then we set to planting chicories into the fields. Mia and I crouched over the row, with Zach joining later. I dug holes with a trowel, six inches from the center from the row, and a foot apart, while Mia popped each plant out of the tray, taking care not to break its roots, and setting them into the row, which curved a little crazily. Keeping the row straight and the plants evenly spaced was a little much for me. We did our best, periodically admonishing Bug and Poppy when they tried to dig up our plants. The morning sped by, and soon it was time to go, first checking the strawberry plants to see how they had survived our treatment. They were doing just fine.

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