Ronald Lockley

I’ve been reading The Private Life of the Rabbit, by R.M. Lockley, which was recommended to me by rabbit breeder Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak of Devil’s Gulch. The book was a major inspiration to Richard Adams’ Watership Down. I have really found this book illuminating, entertaining, and I have gained more respect for rabbits by reading this book. Lockley is also a New Naturalist — a contemporary with Rachel Carson, who wrote Silent Spring.

In Private Life, I found this:

Man is unlike the rabbit in one respect; he does not live by bread alone. But if he continues by over-population to burrow into and destroy the countryside, killing out other forms of wild life, laying waste with bricks and concrete the few beautiful places on earth where he can rest and recuperate from the foul exhaust of his cities, he will indeed soon come to live by bread alone.

I found this interesting because I think it’s happened.¬† I’ve also been reading Michael Pollan’s Food Rules, in which it’s advised that we stop eating so much bread, and “white powder.”

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