Postcard: Philadelphia

In the middle of my trip to New York, I stopped in Philly to see my friends Matt and Sally. I’ve never been to Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell, which I didn’t see.

Matt: “It’s about my height and it’s cracked. It’s not much, really.” (on the Liberty Bell).

I thought Philadelphia was pretty.

Trees in April.

Trees in April.

Matt: “That’s because we’re stopping through Bryn Mawr on the way home. Otherwise, you’d have seen the big dump. And the smoke stack.”
Other things we did: eat the crispiest Peking duck I’ve ever had, at Sangkee Duck House; Magic Gardens, which looked like Brautigan’s iDeath from In Watermelon Sugar; Go West craft market, which took place in a cemetery which leant it a slightly creepy vibe; get insulted by a Mainliner at White Dog; discuss whether winking is ever a good idea. Sally: “I don’t know. It’s mostly bad.” Matt: “No, never.” Me: “Winking is bad?”

Cemeteries are fun.

Cemeteries are fun.

I’ll admit probably my favorite thing in Philadelphia was Terrain, which was gorgeous, a fantasyland for leaf-lovers. It was as if you’d taken the Gardener (another favorite store of mine) and put a farm-to-table brunch spot and cafe right in the middle of it. Less crunchy though, and more Martha Stewart

Spring salad at Terrain.

Spring salad at Terrain.

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