A Letter: Or, Much Overdue About Nothing

Hi All:

It’s been some time since I last posted. Yes, still breathing. Just wanted to fill you in on the latest deets:

The garden is pitched for bounty. I am nursing balloon flower starts, a hydrangea, and a clematis from the Merritt College plant sale. Tomatoes as usual. Garlic almost ready to pull. Yesterday picked the last of the favas, and sold what I thought I wouldn’t eat to Pizzaiolo, which is a restaurant down the street. And I’m trying to keep up with the calendula to make a skin salve for my new company.

Because guess what? I am starting a jam business! I have a dream of selling jams and garden salves,  dried flower garlands, and smudge sticks. I just filled out my business license paperwork last week. It’s called Wind-up Preserves.  I’ve been busy today cooking up some Honey Rich Apriums (aprii? it isn’t clear what the plural of aprium is) from Blossom Bluff with a touch of honey and vanilla. It’s a little earthy, with a bright sweet note from Bay Area Bee Company honey. Stay tuned to find out where to purchase my homemade, tiny-batch jams and marmalades.

A month ago, I finished the first draft of my novel, The School of Velocity, a coming of age novel about an awkward, ugly duckling of a high school kid who falls in love with her piano teacher.

I’m continuing to write my monthly review for the Examiner, and have also started a series of articles for Oakland Magazine about seasonal produce. Check out the latest, on my favorite berries at the farmers market, Swanton Chandlers.

I have also started to contribute to Gardenista. I’ve written about Flowerland, the Academy of Sciences’ Rooftop Garden and Pollinate. I absolutely love writing for Gardenista — it’s a dream job for me.

I’m living the life! Every day is a busy one, filled with gardening, preserving, and writing. Life is a pleasure. I owe much of this pleasure to Healing For People, an energy healing center. Its Energy Boundary Class — about not being influenced by crowds, and angry drivers, and the like — is amazing and life changing. I really think people should try them on for size. It sounds woo-woo, but they’re very matter of fact, not very crystally, and they aren’t going to try to initiate you into a cult. Or be like, that weird sort of happy that’s just a sort of high. It’s a wonderful thing and I want more people to know about it.

Off for a glass of Rose in the garden. And then I’m making ice cream. There’s a bunch of left over holdings from last summer’s fruit, in the freezer. Time to put it to work.

Pics soon.

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