“Facebook For the Real World” — East Bay Express

“Good Taste Is All in the Pocket” — SF Examiner

“Lobes of Love: Eating Rabbit Liver” — Modern Farmer

“Bartavelle Is a Study in Contrasts” — East Bay Express

“New to You Varietals” — East Bay Express

“Agrarian Visions” — San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Farmers Talk About the Books that Inspire Them” — Civil Eats

“Bizarre Foods: Knobby Puntarelle” — Poor Taste Magazine

“Forest Finds: Do the Mushroom Walk” — Poor Taste Magazine

“Forage This: Treasured Stinging Nettles” — Poor Taste Magazine

“Singing the Praises of Sinigang: Philippine Stew” — Poor Taste Magazine

“Filipino New Wave: the Sweet Stink of Success” — Poor Taste Magazine

“Croissant Art: Butter Perfection with Pizzaiolo’s Pastry Chef” — Poor Taste Magazine


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