Wind-Up Preserves

Jam Ahoy!

I’m making jam in my home kitchen in Oakland, and it is indeed for sale. I do it in small batches — no more then 10 jars are made at a time, with organic or locally grown fruit.

If you would like to purchase it, please email me at winduppreserves at gmail. I can either deliver it to you, or you can come to Captain Poseys Steamed Pea and Scallop Bistro  — also known as my friend Max’s. On Sundays we’ve been putting on a fundraiser for the Temescal Library garden — coffee, jam tart, jam — on Sundays from 9-1.


Seville Orange Marmalade: I made this just last winter, and it is made  in a I’m-not-pretending-to-be-anything-but-myself kind of way. Unapologetically thick cut marmalade, intense, treacley. Sevilles, demarara sugar, lemon.

Strawberry rose geranium: A lovely, feminine, floral jam with a loose set, not too sweet. Made with Swanton berries, sugar, lemon, and a rose geranium leaf is set into each jar before filling.

Strawberry nectarine: This one is very kid friendly, with a silky texture. Straightforward strawberry flavor, brightened with nectarines. Swanton berries, Blossom Bluff Crimson Baby nectarines, sugar, lemon.

Honey Rich Aprium with Honey and Vanilla: Apriums have a bit of earthiness to their apricot flavor, brightened with local honey from Bay Area Bee Company. Lovely on bread with goat cheese. Blossom Bluff apriums, sugar, lemon, honey, organic vanilla bean.

Blenheim Apricot: Seriously, this stuff is like crack. It’s gorgeous. Just locally grown blenheims from Brentwood, sugar, lemon. There’s an apricot kernel in each jar to give it a little more almond flavor.


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